Thursday, 25 April 2013

The top 10 hobbies that make people fancy you

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex? Good looks? Charm? Wit? A new survey has revealed the hobbies we take up could seal the deal when it comes to finding a partner. Here are the top 10 most appealing pastimes.

The study revealed that nearly half of men and just over two-thirds of women would be more likely to find someone desirable if they had a number of different hobbies, as it made them seem more exciting and interesting.

See which ones made it into the top 10.

Dancing (© Rex Features)It probably won't come as a surprise to you ladies that men rated dancing as the most attractive hobby for a woman to have. A whopping 89% of those questioned said that they'd be more interested in ladies who knew their fancy footwork. Time to get your groove on, girls!

yoga (© Rex Features)Yoga closely followed dancing as the second most attractive hobby that a woman can take up. Surely nothing to do with the flexibility involved, eh lads?

Swim (© Rex Features)In at number three was swimming - good for your general health, keeping toned and also appealing to men, so it would seem.

cooking (© Rex Features)

It's a bit of an old-fashioned cliche, but women who can cook are still attractive to the opposite sex. Well over half (62%) of men questioned said that being a dab hand in the kitchen makes a woman more appealing.

Dancing (© Rex Features)
Pole dancing
Pole dancing has become a popular activity in recent years and not just with women. Nearly half of all the men who took part in the study said that they find the hobby appealing in the opposite sex.

Football (© Rex Features)
Maybe it has something to do with David Beckham's rise to fame, the WAG lifestyle or perhaps it's just the sight of men in shorts, but football is the hobby that women find most appealing. A whopping 91% of the ladies questioned said that a man with soccer skills would be in with a chance.

Surf (© Rex Features)
Surfer dudes also proved popular with the ladies - 83% of those questioned claimed they would give a guy with a surfboard a second look.

Photography (© Rex Features)

If you're not an adrenaline junkie then fear not, lads! Three-quarters of women said that photography was a good hobby for men to have.

Rock climbing (© Rex Features)Rock climbing
In at number four for the lads was rock climbing - clearly some women like their men to be daring (not to mention flexing their muscles in tight clothing!).

Rafting (© Rex Features)

Whitewater rafting
More good news for the dare devils out there - 47% of women said they liked adrenaline junkies who were into whitewater rafting.

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